Why should I get a Face-to-face quote?
Having someone to inspect your move is always the best way to ensure there are no surprises on your moving day. A thorough and realistic quote can only be provided with a face-to-face inspection of your belongings and property.
Why should I rent/buy removal boxes?
There are many reasons to use moving boxes.
To start with, you have uniform shapes, enabling your move to go faster as uniformity makes it easier for your removalists to stack.
Secondly, they are specially designed, making them stronger than normal boxes.
Thirdly, hire boxes cost at least 50% less and are environmentally friendly as we can re-use and recycle.
Should I pack myself or use packing service?
Moving can be an overwhelming task when you have limited time available to spend your evenings packing. Therefore, if you need help sorting and packing we would highly recommend you get extra help to get things completed within your required timeframe. Thorough packing preparation can save you anxiety, time and money on moving day.
Should I organise separate insurance?
We offer you peace of mind, and hold the maximum insurance coverage a removal company can obtain, however, goods in transit only covers negligence. We highly recommend to contact our insurance broker if you have very precious and valuable items, to ensure they are covered to their maximum value.
When should I book my move?
If you have a particular date you need to move by, we would recommend you book at least 4 weeks in advance. If however, your dates are flexible, we suggest 2 weeks in advance.
When should I start packing?
To avoid any panic leading up to moving day, we recommend you start your packing and sorting at least 4 weeks before your moving date. This will ensure you can work at a sustainable and gradual pace ensuring you have everything ready by the day we come to your home. If you are finding it overwhelming, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us as soon as is possible and we can help you with the final packing for an extra charge.