A complete, stress-free relocation

Imagine coming home after the end of a long day at work, knowing all you need to do for your relocation is sort through what you want to keep and what you want to on-give to others. After all, who wants to spend their evenings for weeks, packing house?

If this sounds like you, perhaps our packing service is just what you are looking for.

We offer you a convenient and complete moving service:

  • providing the boxes
  • packing your items for you
  • unpacking your belongings in your new home

Our experienced packing team are careful and gentle with your valuables and sentimental items. Taking extra care to ensure your belongings are double wrapped for extra protection.

Perhaps you are happy to pack your belongings yourself and would just prefer help unpacking at the other end. Whatever your preference, we’re happy to quote you accordingly.

Extracare Removals – Your One-Stop relocation provider to ensure a stress-free move

Swift and Convenient Service

Depending on the size of your home, we only need one day to pack your belongings. This is convenient for you and your family on a couple of levels:

Reduce Anxiety

Reduces anxiety and uncertainty for children at home. Your home can remain calm and stable right up until a day before moving day. This means you can focus on the new adventure ahead, rather than stress about all the work that needs to be done in the lead-up.

No Worry Packing Schedule

Have you ever packed an item, only to discover you needed it the next day? By engaging our packing services, you don’t need to worry about preparing a packing schedule to ensure you have the items you need right up until moving day.

Dinner is on us

No need to worry about purchasing disposable items before you move. Dinner is on us. If you sign up for our packing service, we will provide dinner for you the evening your items are all packed, the day before your big adventure begins.

ExtraCare Removals Packing & Unpacking Service Guaranteed


Unique items to be packed? This is our specialty

We understand each family has different hobbies and interests, therefore not every packing service is the same. We will provide a face-to-face onsite visit to assess your belongings and provide an itemised inventory – the care is in the impeccable attention detail.


Peace of mind with our comprehensive insurance cover

Our complete insurance will leave you feeling rest assured your valuable items are in good care. We ensure our liability, transit, and workers compensation insurance is all current, for the safety of your property, your precious items and our team.


Unpacking at the other end

If a complete stress-free move is what your life needs right now, look no further than our comprehensive packing and unpacking service. This will save you the long drawn-out process from start to finish.

Have you ever had boxes from a previous move still sitting in your garage a year later? Using our complete unpacking service will ensure your new adventure begins stress-free on your first day in your new home.

Before moving day, together we will run through your moving and unpacking schedule to ensure all items are in their familiar place when you settle into your new location.