Senior & Aged Care Relocations

Downsizing, moving into an assisted care living or moving from one facility to another, can be very emotional, stressful and overwhelming for everyone involved. Our team specialises in senior and aged care relocations. We provide a tailored, comprehensive, moving service, sensitive to the needs of elderly families on the move.

We are here to support you and your extended family, giving you peace of mind. Our team is prepared not only to relocate your furniture but to look after every aspect of your move from start to finish.

At ExtraCare we understand that every person is unique and we will compassionately and sensitively work with you to ensure your move is as smooth and stress-free as possible, with a smile.

Simple and no hassles

We can take care of the entire move on your behalf. Our senior & aged care relocation service was designed to meet the unique needs of seniors. If you would prefer to handle some of the aspects of your move, such as sorting your belongings, we can customise a moving plan that suits your specific situation.

Senior & Aged Care Relocations


  • Onsite visit with your moving manager in your home.
  • Inventory list of furniture and measurements.
  • Contact your aged care facility and/or real estate and conduct an onsite visit to your new apartment to decide on furniture plan layout and requirements.
  • Provide a team to undertake a declutter and sort before your moving day (charity, auction or tip).
  • Delivery of all packing materials.
  • Provide a team to pack your home the day before your relocation.
  • Relocation of your chosen items to your new home and if needed, a trip to charity, auction or tip.
  • Unpack all your belongings to help you settle in.
  • Collection of all packing materials.

Who uses Extra care Removals for Senior & Aged Care Relocations?

Family members who care for aged parents or relatives

Aged Care Facilities relocatING residents temporarily or permanently

Elderly people who are too frail to do the physical work

Friends or family who live distant from the elderly

Community Services Providers and Case Managers

Solicitors, Administrators and Trust companies

Aged Care Placement agencies

Those who hold Enduring Power of Attorney (EPOA)


Over time it’s natural to accumulate belongings. Sometimes though, the living environment becomes cluttered with unnecessary possessions.

Our team specialises in decluttering services and will work closely with you to sensitively and respectfully declutter to restore the home and ensure a safe and harmonious living environment.

As well as helping declutter and clear the spaces around your home, we can also assist with:

  • Selling, donating or throwing out excess furniture and possessions.
  • Ensure the necessary essentials are still within arm’s reach.

Deceased Estates

We understand that losing a loved one is an incredibly emotional time. If you feel you would like some support with handling the moving process of a deceased estate or property clearance, we are here to help.

Our caring and experienced team are available to manage all aspects involved with clearing deceased estates, property and storage units. We also provide professional cleaning services to ensure the property is ready for sale or rental.

Services for deceased estates & property management:
  • Obtain a descriptive work brief
  • Provide an inventory complete with pictures of possessions
  • Pack goods for transport to nominated individuals or storage
  • Sort items to be donated to charity
  • Organise all rubbish removal from property
  • Provide a post-clearance clean, preparing the property for sale or rental (optional)
  • Attend to garden maintenance (optional)


let us do the moving for you